Workplace Culture / Mental Health / Wellbeing // 11 NOVEMBER 2020 SINGAPORE
Make a Difference
November 11 2020
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In a fast-changing world, Make A Difference Asia is the conference and exhibition that equips employers with the region-specific insights, strategy and contacts they need to stay ahead - by supporting the wellbeing of their workforce.

Building on the phenomenal success of our annual sister event in London, Make a Difference Digital Summit Asia will take place in Singapore in October.

Asia is heating up as a marketplace. The war for talent is also intensifying. Beyond the basics of pay and benefits, staff mental health and wellbeing is increasingly on the C-suite agenda.

“Come and join us. Prioritising wellness is critical if you want to attract and retain talent”

Cheryl Liew, Partner & Event Director, Make A Difference Asia

In going global, the team is partnering with Cheryl Liew, founder of Lifeworkz. Cheryl and her team work with c-suite to evolve relevant, inclusive and high performing workplaces - shaping the future of work, the future of Asia and furthering the conversations on workplace/mental health/wellness in Asia.

Make A Difference Asia will explore the factors that affect an individual's wellbeing and the impact this has on productivity, engagement and performance.

Through concrete case studies we’ll also highlight how leaders are underpinning sustainable business by creating a culture where there is trust and respect.

Whether you’re just getting started or you’re moving to the next level of implementation, join business leaders from Asia and beyond - for collaboration, inspiration and to find the right solutions for wellbeing based on workplace culture.

Wellness starts from the top of the firm. Topics to be addressed include:

As leaders, how are you taking care of your own physical and emotional wellbeing; delivering high performance without burnout? How are leaders moving from personal realisation to rolling this out across the business?

Future of ……
Asia’s future is evolving so fast. The pace of change is linked to stress and resilience and the wellbeing of talent is going to be the next competitive advantage.

Who should attend:
Anyone of C-Suite level can register to attend the digital Make A Difference Asia event on 11 November.

If you are based in Asia or you have talent in Asia, and you have an HR, Wellbeing, Work Life / Flexibility, Occupational Health, Health & Safety, Sustainability, Diversity and Inclusion or Employee Engagement job title, that has a role impacting talent, the Corporate Pass would be most appropriate for you.

Make a Difference – Mission

Our global mission is simple. To move the conversation about mental health and wellbeing in the workplace up a gear; accelerating the shift from stigma to solutions.

We started the movement with Mad World in London in 2018. Mad stands for Make A Difference.
Building on this impact, Make a Difference Asia 2020 will feature fresh insights – both from leaders in established industries and from bold disruptors who are setting a new benchmark for inclusive workplace cultures and employee wellbeing.

What makes this event stand out?
It’s our focus on the future of work and business, through the lens of emotional, physical, social and financial wellbeing, plus our international network, exhibition of solution providers and dedication to providing an innovative, engaging event format that set the Make a Difference Digital Summit Asia apart. There are no other events like the Make a Difference Summits.

Format for Make a Difference Asia Summit 2020

  • The latest keynotes and case studies to inform and inspire
  • Three tracks focusing attention on prevention, redefining workplace culture and insights to future proof mental, physical, social and financial wellbeing strategies
  • A choice of breakfast briefings and interactive workshops to encourage networking and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange
  • A melting pot of cross-industry ideas and inspiration for attendees representing an array of job functions.
  • A C-Suite agenda-setting Think Tank led by a key industry expert
  • An exhibition of world class products and services, so attendees can discover and compare practical and innovative solutions under one roof
CSuite digital experience

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